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Which lender offers the best rate atm?

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aka. what is the best home loan out there for variable rate?
asked 6 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

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I'm not sure which one is the best home loan, but recently in the media, Ubank new home loan is advertised as one of the best out there. They currently have a promotion of offering a special discount rate at 6.59% (0.2% discount from their standard variable rate). For more info, visit


This offer will end 30 June 2011. The good thing about this home loan is that:
- No exit fee, no administration and ongoing fee
- Free redraw facility

but they don't have an offset account, you don't need it any way when you have access to free redraws.

Give them a call and find out.
answered 6 years ago by rate-compare (340 points)

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